Building Surveying

We have the experience and expertise to carry out the most in-depth property inspections, where you will receive a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of a property’s condition. We ensure that you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make informed decisions with detailed reports on all commercial sector buildings. We have expertise in industrial, transport, logistics, health, retail, offices developments, and public sector estates.



We cover all surveying aspects of your building and provide an explanation of the key defects, alongside recommendations on repairs.   We include budget costs, which arms you with a benchmark to negotiate any purchases. 

We ensure that your survey is tailored to meet your needs and performed by our reputed Chartered Building Surveyors. Whether you have a specific defect, concerns over the entire structure, or plans to develop a property – we will provide you with all the information you require. 

Services that we provide include: 

Technical Due Diligence

You can mitigate your exposure to development and funding risk. Our technical experts meticulously investigate and report on your programme, providing a completely tailored service. Property decisions have long-lasting impact, so it’s vital to know the potential risks, costs and issues you may face before you begin.

Pre-Development Condition Survey

This survey details the existing condition of any building or structure prior any site development. The preparation of a schedule of condition report protects both parties as it confirms the existing condition of a property prior to the development works commencing. 

Acquisition Survey

Our surveyors can provide qualified advice on the major and minor defects of a building and whether it is structurally sound. Our reports detail any necessary work, alongside budget costs, which you can use to secure a reasonable price when assessing quotes for any work you choose to carry out. 

Expert Reports & Expert Witnesses

JCA has a wealth of experience in acting as an expert witness for both claimant and defendant, as well as jointly in the case of a Single Joint Expert being appointed.  Appointments relate to a vast array of building disputes that cannot be resolved amicably and can involve cause/liability of defects, quality of workmanship and value of work completed.

Feasibility Studies

Our in-house surveyors will review and consider your development or refurbishment scheme in relation to practicalities, planning and viability with a costing analysis to arm you with the information required to proceed with confidence. The feasibility report generally includes several options with an analysis highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We can include advice on market valuation, gross development value and quantity surveying services so a thorough and detailed development appraisals and feasibility reports can be provided for the most basic to the more complex of development projects. 

Commercial Defect Assessments

If you have a specific defect, then we can tailor our reports to address your individual concerns.  The survey and report will address defects such as localised structural movement, cracking or snagging issues following the construction of a new development.  The report will detail the cause, recommendations for repair and include where necessary budget costs of those repairs. 

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

It is important that landlords/freeholders undertake rebuilding cost assessments to ensure the buildings are adequately insured to prevent issues with under-insurance which can leave you highly exposed to potential costs in the event of a claim.  The insurance rebuild cost for a building is completely different to the market value and at JCA we provide this service for a single building or a large portfolio of properties, recommending that they are reviewed annually .


Development Snagging Reports

Snagging Reports are produced on new build properties to assess the quality of workmanship by the builder, against industry standards to identify defects which require rectifying prior to you accepting ownership.  The snagging report will identify everything from minor cosmetic issues which fall short of the industry standards through to significant structural issues.

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Quantity Surveying

MAW Consulting and JCA Building & Project Consultants are part of the JCA Group offering a combined national Quantity and Building Surveying Services.

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