Case study: Commercial building survey and insights help Babcock win £900 million Ministry of Defence contract

After the £140 million sale of the Defence Support Group (DSG) to Babcock International, they were required to bid for a new £900 million contract. If successful, Babcock would optimise the maintenance of the army’s land vehicles, saving half a billion pounds over ten years.

Lost buildings information required for bid and contract development

It was critical that Babcock gain full information about the condition and infrastructure of each of the 160 buildings on the estate. This way, they would be able to submit a competitive bid and plan their own resources.

However, documentation had fallen out-of-date due to site changes over the years (which is common). If they were to cost accurately, Babcock needed full information about each building within 6 months. This was critical to comply with the DSG’s requirements.

“I have to say, it was a dream working with Jonathan Cornes Associates. What was most impressive was their professionalism and quality of work.

Their experience of sites like ours meant they could hit the ground running and were always sensitive to our needs. We knew we could trust them to work quite independently, which was invaluable in terms of time and ultimately, a successful project.”

– Winston Sergent, Estimator

DSG Contract Babcock International Group, Infrastructure Division DSG

But was the project possible in such a short period of time?

Right away, our team visited MoD sites in Donnington, Bicester, Catterick, Colchester, Bovington, Warminster, Sennybridge and Stirling. This exercise allowed us to plan the best way to conduct Condition Surveys within the timeframe required.

Freeing up Babcock’s time so they could focus on the bid

On-site building surveyors inspected buildings systematically. They fed information back to our office-based CAD specialists, who developed detailed drawings in tandem.

After recording all 160 buildings, we were able to offer Babcock a rich body of information about the entire estate, including:

  • Full condition survey for each building, including floors, ceilings and doors
  • Details of defects and estimates of any potential repair costs, as well as explanation of how to carry out remedial works
  • Location and structure of electrical and mechanical elements, fire doors, fire alarms and more
  • Notation of equipment for maintenance

Bid support for a winning submission

Babcock wanted peace of mind that this important task was in-hand. And, that the buildings information would be ready as soon as they needed it. We supplied in-depth buildings infrastructure information, with detailed drawings to give them more insights than expected for a competitive, well-rationalised bid.

Ultimately, Babcock won the DSG bid and secured a key strategic contract for the organisation.

“ Due to the nature and scale of our work, accuracy is everything. Jonathan Cornes Associates’ experience of working with sites like ours meant we could trust them to hit the ground running. They exceeded our expectations.

I really can’t overemphasise how useful their input was. The depth and quality of information in their reports equipped us to verify our assets fully, whilst managing them more easily.”

– Winston Sergent, Estimator

DSG Contract Babcock International Group, Infrastructure Division DSG

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