Case study: Dilapidations support for landlords

If a property is falling into disrepair then works can be undertaken by the landlord and charged back to the tenant. 

This was a more complicated and lengthier dilapidations process and took over twelve months before it was successfully concluded. Once again, our expertise, professionalism and communication skills were key as, unbeknown to the landlord, much of the property had been mothballed.

“ Every dilapidations process is different. That’s because people are different, companies are different, stakeholders are different and buildings are different …”

– Jonathan Cornes, Managing Director

We agreed a dilapidations settlement at £125,000, plus fees of almost £5,000

We paid the site numerous visits and both the landlord and tenant had Section 18s prepared – with a big difference in the two costings! A real problem was that the building had been marketed for some time, to numerous potential tenants, but they quite rightly wouldn’t entertain a full repairing and insuring lease because of the condition it was being left in. The landlord was even considering rent-free periods to attract incoming tenants!

Dilapidations protocol is constantly changing

The more accurate and detailed our knowledge, the more we can get back for the landlord. This means awareness of new case law is invaluable – professional advice about dilapidations protocol ensures you don’t miss out as a landlord.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) offer guidance and we work specifically to RICS’ code of practice. This way, you can always be certain you’re fully compliant.
If you’d like more freedom to work on other areas of your business, like looking after existing tenants or interviewing new ones, get in touch with our dilapidations specialists.

Banking & Finance sector, The Midlands

In this case, the building, used as a bank, was over 150 years old and located just on the edge of a bustling Midlands town. We worked on behalf of the landlord who was (and still is) an existing client who holds a huge portfolio of property. This was a detached office block that was around 50,000 sq. ft. in size and split over four floors. The tenant had occupied the building for well over two decades.

The landlord was extremely happy with our proactive stance during this dilapidations process and they now know that the work being completed gives any new tenant immense peace of mind. Major work has already been carried out to make the property an attractive one for potential tenants, including work to the roof, windows, rewiring, the old air conditioning being taken out and replaced, new plumbing and central heating installed.

Need to recover more of your dilapidations claim?

You can rely on us for the most current knowledge on all policy and case law. We’ll make sure you don’t miss out as a landlord, whilst keeping you compliant at all times. You can task us to act on your behalf for inspections and negotiations, allowing you to focus where you’re needed.

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