Where Dilapidations are concerned, you really need to work with a company with experience, expertise and an outstanding track record in this field. You’ll need a company with a depth of knowledge with regards to leases and building legislation, case law and protocol.  Our dilapidation surveyors have many years of experience in this area of surveying along with an expertise in negotiations, high value dilapidation matters and exit strategies.   



Our surveyors are highly experienced in this complex matter and all services are completed in line with the CPR Dilapidations Protocol and RICS Dilapidations Guidance.

Take a look at our Dilapidations brochure, which not only goes into far more detail about how we can help you, but also gives you a number of practical case studies highlighting our successes in this key area.

Dilapidations affect you because they are part of a legal process based on breaches of covenant in the lease relating to the condition of the property. The repairs required during or at the end of a commercial lease are referred to as dilapidations and can include:



Full reinstatement back to the original layout

Statutory compliance

We provide the following dilapidation services:

Schedule of Conditions

You can significantly limit your liability with a Schedule of Conditions that documents the state of the building prior to tenancy. All reports are comprehensive, photographic and accompanied by written observations, whilst taking your final Dilapidation Claim into consideration.

Dilapidation Surveys 

To protect your interests, we will provide a Schedule of Dilapidations and Final Assessment for both tenants and landlords. We will negotiate on your behalf and progress claims in accordance with the RICS Dilapidations Practice Note and Guidance, as well as the Dilapidations Protocol 2012.

Dilapidation Tax Planning

If you are a tenant, at the start or during your lease, you can make accounting provisions to offset against tax, (Accounting Standard 37), we will assess and estimate the costs of repairs, redecorations, and reinstatements that you’ll need to make at the end of your lease. We will also liaise with your accountant to discuss our findings.

Interim Schedules

If you’re concerned that your property investment is falling into disrepair during lease term, we can produce a Schedule of Repairs and work with the tenant to bring the asset back into the condition required under the terms of the lease, therefore reducing the tenants liability at the end of the term and protecting the landlord’s investment for the future.

M&A Dilapidation Assessments

If you are buying or selling a business which operates from a tenanted or freehold property, we can provide a schedule of condition or a dilapidations assessment to protect you.

Dilapidation Repairs

We act for both landlords and tenants to co-ordinate and project manage the dilapidation works either prior to exit on behalf of a tenant or post expiry for a landlord.  On your behalf we will appoint trusted and approved contractors to complete the dilapidation works whilst overseeing the works to ensure compliance with the lease and dilapidations protocol.   

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