Providing outstanding independent services, advice, & support on all Building & Project Consultant matters

We are proud to have worked successfully alongside any number of valued clients on a wide range of projects since 2004, and pride ourselves on the superb professional relationships that we have forged. We also pride ourselves on the technical expertise, knowledge, and client-focussed team that we have at JCA.

Our Core Services


Dilapidations affect you because they are part of a legal process based on any breaches of covenant in the lease relating to the condition of the property.

Building Surveying

Focus on your core business while our chartered building surveyors act on your behalf to manage projects smoothly and efficiently

Project Management & Developments

You can implicitly rely on JCA to champion your project, keep you informed, and represent you with the utmost professionalism and integrity. Trust is at the very heart of our relationship with every client.


Commercial Interior Design

Our creative input and expertise is headed up by our highly respected and renowned Interior Designer, Eve Cullen-Cornes, and ensures that you get the specialist, bespoke theme and results that you’re looking for.

Our Team

Our team of dedicated independent project and building consultants have a breadth of experience and knowledge of commercial buildings. This ensures that we provide a building advisory service which is commercially minded whilst adhering to ever-changing technical standards, to ensure our clients can make informed decisions on every occasion.

Our services are offered nationally, with offices in Staffordshire, Manchester, Birmingham and London, so JCA are in the perfect position to work closely with you wherever you are to ensure that you get the highest technical, professional, and co-ordinated service for your building or project.


Our Core Values

At JCA, we base our success around our business ethos which is to safeguard the commercial interests of our clients by interpreting technical building information into straightforward commercial minded advice to ensure our clients can make informed decisions before investing in property

This ethos is underpinned by our 5 key values which are at the heart of the each and every member of the JCA team :

Integrity: Provide clear commercial advice and make conclusive decisions to protect our client investments and assets.
Accountability: Carefully consider the advice we provide to our clients and take ownership over the decisions we make.
Professionalism: Without compromise we are proud to provide the highest level of professional expertise.
Collaboration: We work closely with our clients and business partners to ensure we provide a co-ordinated service.
Client Focus: Take time to listen to ensure your commercial objectives remain at the heart of everything we do.