Project Monitoring from Jonathan Cornes Associates (JCA)

The first choice for an independent project monitor: Jonathan Cornes Associates has a team of chartered surveyors working nationally. Our headquarters is located in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, and we also have offices in Manchester, Birmingham and London.
Our knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing lending criteria for high street commercial lending, bridging finance and mezzanine financiers, makes us the ideal choice of independent project monitor.

Financing a development project will always carry some level of risk for the lender. However, thanks to our expertise and years of experience in project monitoring, we are able to provide a level of certainty. Our autonomy means that we are not influenced or controlled by the developer and can provide you, the lender, with the reassurance that your interests will be put first.

Overview of our services

Risk identification and management: As part of our appraisal we complete a thorough document review in order to identify and manage the financial risks associated with the development, reducing risks from the outset. This includes scrutinising the planning permission and conditions, contamination, building contracts, building regulations, services, budget, collateral warranties, building warranties, professional appointments and programme finish date.


Onsite inspections: During construction of the development we monitor the progress of the project through regular site inspections and drawdown valuations. As an independent surveyor, looking after the interests of the lender, we are able to monitor the developer’s compliance to the agreed programme. This includes monitoring the correct selection of materials, ensuring the quality and longevity of the materials. Working closely with the developer and their design team we can assess any potential risks, such as planning or budget issues, and provide immediate feedback to the lender.


Final inspection and report: During our final inspection we take care that the development meets the minimum health and safety standards and has all necessary warranty certificates and maintenance manuals. In our handover we make sure that the project is completed on course and provides final cost reports.

Experience and expertise

The JCA team has extensive experience of carrying out project monitoring instructions for a wide range of developments. Our portfolio includes a variety of projects, from small-scale new build domestic development projects up to 100 units, to the renovation, conversion and refurbishment of existing commercial properties to domestic dwellings. By working with JCA you will gain access to our expertise in a variety of industries, including the health and care sector, Ministry of Defence, and student accommodation.

Summary of the benefits

  • An account manager is appointed on each project, providing the client with just one point of contact.
  • A high level of professional indemnity cover of £2million, plus the option to increase cover to £5million on a project-by-project basis.
  • Significant cost savings by minimising variations and resolving issues as they arise.
  • Effective quality management of the design, construction and final handover.
  • Delivering optimal future-proofing and energy performance.

The next step

For more information on JCA, visit, or call 01782 209203, and our specialist project monitors will be happy to help.